I was looking for the community of people where they dont suffer from loneliness. Disconnection and a lack of understanding is our world nowadays. We are left alone with our thoughts and problems though any means of communication. We sink in the sea of a vast array of information and feel lonelier. Looking for the ideal of understanding between two people brought me to a unique multicultural village in Ukraine where a lot of identical twins have been born. There are people who have never felt lonely except in the cases of the loss of their other half: brother or sister. The twins live there in a completely perfect climate of understanding and love which has been created by themselves. The relationship between twins affects the whole community of the village, setting the tone for kindness. These villagers arent rich and their life is a regular hard work, but there isnt almost no aggression, oppression and hatred. At the moment, there are 60 identical and fraternal twins in this village. After Ukraine declared its independence, maybe all the mothers in the village gave birth to twins. Locals honestly believe the reason for this is the drinking water. The entire village drinks spring water from the local Chorniv River. It is the only village like this in the whole Europe. The twins were born there. Some of them still drink breast milk; others go to school, the elder twins work, and the eldest twins look after their grandchildren. They dont part from each other for their whole life. When they have a family they build their house next door. Their children are friends. Even if the twins are separated by fate they dont lose their spiritual bond with each other. Their fortunes are similar even if they are separated by thousands of kilometers from one another. But twins very seldom separate. A lot of them live their whole life in their native land. There is a good place. I take pictures of them in the place where they live, trying to catch the true inwardness that preserves twins from the existential sadness and depression that is so characteristic of us nowadays. Is it possible to reflect the relationship and love between these twins to the rest of society? Im trying to answer this question, taking a good look into the eyes of these almost certainly identical outwardly and inwardly people.

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